Kabbiz covers business news, startups, technology [particularly emerging tech], business, , etc across Africa with particular focus on Nigeria and a core publication love for businesses that have thrived in the Business & Economy sector using technology and Web Tools as the fore/core drivers of their growth. For advertisements, queries, feedbacks, or to contribute articles, please email info@kabbiz.com

Kabbiz covers digital marketing, online strategy, business development and marketing generally. We believe in helping businesses grow through the development and publishing of stunning insights that are aimed towards fostering long-term growth in business operations.

Our job is to create the best digital insights that will be of benefit to the entrepreneur and businesses that seeks to make their mark in the unified global economy.

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Kabbiz ensures that it delivers unparalleled insights into the business sphere in Africa, with a focus on the world of emerging tech, business strategy, business development, and growth/succession planning

Insightful Publications

Our publications are tailored to the entrepreneur who needs market insight particularly as it pertains to business growth and online marketing for their business portfolio

Strategy planning

We plan digital strategy because we are interested in the outlook of your business on the Web. We love insights, and each one delivered is tailored specifically to suit each business practice.

Kabbiz Corporate

We bring the latest strategy and tools which is garnered through thorough and extensive studying of applicable markets.


Kabbiz Media serves as our global information hub where we deliver the best marketing insights.


The services offered by Kabbiz, particularly as it pertains to business and digital content provision is tailored to fit each business mold.

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