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The benefits of SEO for lawyers and law firms cannot be overemphasized. SEO—Search Engine Optimization—has become a hot topic in several professions, the legal services industry included. Lawyers and law firms are facing fierce competition from not only local law firms, but also international law firm conglomerates (Vereins) and alternative legal services providers. This renders the competition lawyers and law firms face to be fierce. However, in spite of the martial beats of legal services competition, there is always hope for any lawyer and law firm marketing team that would love to stand out above the competition if they invest time and resources in improving their law firm’s SEO.

The benefits of SEO for lawyers and law firms:

Increase your personal and law firm’s brand visibility and reputation online

This is one strong benefit of SEO for lawyers and law firms: increased brand visibility and reputation awareness. Legal services consumers search for information online voraciously. People who are faced with legal problems are more likely to search for solutions online first before they make any hiring decision. If your law firm brand is out there for the whole world to see—if you have a strong digital presence, with valuable, evergreen content that aims to educate prospects on their legal situations—then your law firm’s brand visibility is assured. Do not forget that law firms and lawyers do not actually sell their services: they sell a relationship, into which their legal services are built in as a part of.

Your law firm’s potential clients have to be convinced that you are the best culture fit for them, otherwise, they will probably not hire you to do their work but will go for another firm, or another lawyer. SEO will benefit your law firm in this regard if you build up a strong, relatable body of work online that showcases your legal expertise and assures potential clients that you are the best fit for their needs.

Convert more qualified leads in your law firm practice areas

Another strong benefit of SEO for law firms and lawyers is that it will help you and your law firm to be able to convert more qualified leads in your practice areas.

Legal services are specialized and highly technical; it requires years of study and even more years of practice to build up to the high level of technical expertise required to work for clients. If you are a lawyer working in construction or a law firm that advises clients on mining law and regulations within a particular region and your law firm has good digital strength through its web properties through which it publishes educative, leading thought leadership pieces on mining law or any other core practice area, then you are opening yourself up to securing the account of highly qualified prospects in the mining sector that are looking for sector-specific advice in their area of work. You will agree with me that it is potentially difficult—if not impossible—for someone that not does not work in Mining to be entering search queries in Google related to mining law or regulations or seeking advice in that regard.

Thus, one of the benefits of SEO for your law firm or lawyers will be to open up negotiating room for highly qualified prospects to reach out to your law firm for its offerings, particularly if your practice areas are niche and hyper targeted to a small, ultra-specific section of the business economy.

Build trust with searchers through your informative content

When people have legal problems or are about to sink into one, they search for potential solutions online.

In many cases, these people do not have specific lawyers or law firms in mind. They just want a solution. During those moments, they are at a critical time path and need to move speedily. If you can provide a detailed solution to them through your law firm’s informative content published on your blogs or third party publications at that critical time when they need help the most, you can close them as clients.

Stand Out Among The Competition

There are thousands of law firms. Some of them have an existential footprint that spans over fifty years while some are relatively newer firms. However, in many cases, we see that it is not about being the first to the game or being the older law firm—your firm’s SEO footprints can make your law firm stand out like bright diamonds from among the competition.

Higher ROI

The aim of creating a marketing budget and creating marketing materials is to maximize ROI. It will be a waste however, if all the money spent does not attract prospects or convert them to clients. SEO which leads to discoverability and high visibility, can help you and your law firm convert leads into clients.

How To Improve Your Law Firm’s online Properties to enjoy the Benefits of SEO

Use consistent NAPs for Local SEO

If you own a physical law office, then it must have an address. By regulation across various jurisdictions, law firms are usually required to have physical contact addresses. When building your web properties—website, newsletter, email lists, business listings, including Google My Business listing for your law firm—it is important to maintain a specific name for your law firm business, a specific address, and consistent phone number across all listings. Using consistent NAPs—Name, Address and Phone Number—is a strong ranking factor. Consistent NAP contributes to on-page signals and also helps to build trust with your potential law firm clients. Using consistent NAP for your law firm will help you build good quality local citation.

Furthermore, NAP is one of the banes for your law firm’s local SEO strategy—it is one of the main ways prospects living within your physical service locations can come in contact with your law firm business. Lastly, building more consistent NAP will help your law firm to build a better local rank position.

Get More (Positive) Reviews

Earlier, I had noted that law firms sell relationships. After you are done on a specific client brief, write up the client, requesting for a review of your services. Many clients are now very tech-savvy and will go ahead and leave reviews on your Google My Business profile and even on your law firm’s Facebook page.

Reviews become problematic if they are bad reviews. Interviewees at your law firm, visitors, cleaners, or even pretty much anyone else that visits your firm can potentially leave a bad review or very low rating for your law firm, so it is good to maintain a friendly, professional outlook to visitors so they can have good things to say about your law firm online.

Choose The Right Keywords

If your law firm specializes exclusively in corporate commercial law practice, Mergers & Acquisitions, and IP Management, then your Design and marketing leads should take care to use keywords relevant to those practice areas across your law firm’s website. The benefit of SEO in this regard is that it will help your law firm’s website to rank for those keywords that are targeted at your law firm’s practice areas, thus coming up in relevant search queries on the search engine result pages. You must not overlook this aspect of SEO for your law firm.

Avoid Legal Jargon

A visit to most law firm websites and industry publications will show that there are sections containing their thought leadership posts and commentary about the law, amendments to laws, and posts about their practice areas and happenings around the sectors they operate in. Legal writers have different audiences: the layman/prospective client (depending on practice area, this could be someone that knows absolutely nothing about the law that applies to them and so will need guidance on that), General Counsel, other lawyers, et cetera. The mistake most legal writers make is to write their blog posts as they would, legal briefs. As a lawyer myself, I have read posts that read like complicated briefs—which means that I consider them totally unreadable.

I am an advocate of plain, simple English. There is really no need for legal jargon; it bogs the reading and would make anyone lose interest in the piece they are reading. I know I would. So, write in plain language.

The benefit of SEO in this regard for you as a lawyer or for your law firm is that it could lead to low bounce rates for site visitors who arrived at your website through search engines. Note that the higher the bounce rate for your law firm website, the more Google and other search engines will take notice and the page will lose its ranking.

Optimize your Meta Descriptions to Reap the Benefits of SEO 

We cannot talk about a law firm having an SEO strategy in order to have their law firm reap the benefits of SEO—both locally and internationally—without specifically touching on meta descriptions.

Site pages, product pages, blog posts/pages all have their descriptions, which is the language the Search Engine bots understand. It is important to ensure that your law firm’s website pages are all optimized with the relevant keywords in the meta descriptions.

Next Steps

Do you need help with SEO for your law firm and its web properties? Do you want more targeted search traffic and increase in your web traffic? It is time to focus on your SEO. If you are a lawyer and have a law firm that you would want to increase its visibility, then reach out to me on or reach out to Alternatively you can call +2348064231176. We will be happy to take care of it for you.

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