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Content Marketing in Advertising: why you should develop a content marketing strategy and implement it.


It is interesting that we are now in the Information Age, where people are always hungry for information. In the past, paid advertising using several mediums was the way to go: whether it be by print media, TV, billboards – the list is endless.

However, with the rise of technology and associated devices, people now have an overload of information which battles for their attention. Because of this, it has led to the distrust and downright annoyance with conventional advertising methods. People tune them out. For those in the Nigerian legal profession – lawyers and paralegals – this option had been non-existent.

So, what to do?

Content, that’s what. Businesses are now driven by superb content which are tailored to the needs and wants of the ideal customers/clients of a business. And this is the new advertising for businesses and firms in today’s Information-driven time. Furthermore, in addition to working out a content marketing strategy for the company, it’s good to work out a content marketing plan for your personal blog.


Many firms think that churning out content should or would be all about singing the praises of their business products and services to the high heavens, but this cannot be more far from the truth.

A business that aims only to use its content to advertise its products and services has automatically failed at it because content marketing for firms is not ordinarily geared towards that.

It’s great for every business to develop their core capabilities in the areas they service, but developing this wouldn’t mean that the ideal client persona that needs their business services know where to find them. That’s where their content marketing efforts come in.


There really is no absolute correct way to go about content marketing for a business or firm. However, what the Content Resource Managers of a firm should be focused on is on creating a social content sharing plan across different content marketing channels in order to drive engagement, conversations and awareness for their firms.

Content being dished out by firms and companies should be primarily geared towards educating the ideal customer/client base of the business on issues relevant to those customers/clients, not what is relevant to the business itself. People that fall within the ideal demographics of a business’s customer/client base are always on the Internet, seeking information that will benefit them either in one way or the other.


Firm A is a law firm that specializes in corporate affairs. Mr. A is a business owner that intends to float a company. Since Firm A provides the kind of services Mr. A would be interested in, this makes Mr. A to fall into their ideal client persona. Mr. A goes online to search for how to register a company in Nigeria. In his search engine results, several articles pop up, inclusive of Firm A’s comprehensive article on how to register a company and the all the necessary statutory filings needed to do so in Nigeria. Because this is exactly what he’s looking for, he clicks into the article. Seeing the subject matter expertise displayed by Firm A in their article, he decides to hire the Firm to incorporate its company for it at the Corporate Affairs Commission.


Many firms agonize over the social media channels they should use to get their content out there in order to foster brand awareness and product visibility. The answer to this seemingly difficult question is simple: go where the customer is.

If the people that ordinarily make up the ideal buyer persona of a business use Facebook more than any other social network, then the business should consider Facebook strongly in its marketing efforts.

It is worthy to note that the most important social media channels a firm should use in its content marketing efforts are the outlets where their ideal customers frequent. In other words, you go where the customers are.

If the customers or clients use SnapChat, then SnapChat is the place to be. If the clients use LinkedIn, then LinkedIn it is; or Instagram; or Facebook; or any other social media platform. Firms should take their online presence to where their clients/customers or the prospects are.


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Do you think that content marketing is integral to marketing? If so, what have you done to help further your marketing efforts? Tell us in the comments below.

Do you have a thought on this article? Let us know below!

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