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Kingsley Ugochukwu Ani describes himself as a “business consultant who also provides proactive legal services to clients”. Kingsley Ugochukwu Ani is one of the 21st century breed of futurist lawyers that believes in utilizing an interdisciplinary approach in the practice of Law, while merging Law, Tech, Analytics, Marketing & Digital Media to provide an all-rounded service package to the corporate clients he services.

“The thing is: most lawyers in Nigeria are trained to be reactive; we provide legal services to clients after things have gone south—in other words, we are reactive. It is a few lawyers and law firms that make the effort to be truly proactive in sifting through their clients’ portfolios and arresting legal risks before they occur so that their services stay ahead of the curve and turn off legal risks,” Ani says.

Ani obtained his law degree from Ebonyi State University, Abakaliki, graduating among the top of his class in 2014 with a 2nd Class Honours, Upper Division. From there he proceeded to the Nigerian Law School, Victoria Island, Lagos from where he qualified to be called to the Nigerian Bar as an advocate and solicitor of the Supreme Court of Nigeria. He is a member of the Nigerian Bar Association.

With a flair for tech, Ani provides a comprehensive range of legal services to a diversified clientele including corporate Nigerian brands, International brands and business individuals with diverse assets within the Nigerian business economy.

Described as a “lawyer with a deep understanding of the business of law and multi-dimensional mindset”, Ani’s areas of expertise cover corporate & commercial law, intellectual property law, tech and commercial litigation. He also actively advises on process improvement, tech adoption and innovation as tools for corporate expansion and growth in the 21st century.

In 2018 Ani joined the on-ground Africa team of Africa Legal, a subsidiary of Africa Professional Services Group, a UK-based company that created the very first pan-African legal platform, unifying legal service professionals and lawyers across the African continent. Working with Africa Legal helped broaden his legal practice worldview as he came in contact with and liaised with leading lawyers across multiple African jurisdictions, all of whom are interested in pushing the law practice envelope.

Having worked in Marketing before delving into law practice in the legal services sector, Ani understands the dynamics of working in Nigerian law firms, which, in many cases, are usually family-owned and passes down the generations to be “inherited” by younger generations of the founder’s family upon their demise or retirement.

“Most law firms in Nigeria are run on the sole proprietorship model,” Ani says. “The books of business, business development efforts, and pretty much the entire management of the law firm rests on the shoulders of the owners of the law firms. These owners are usually hard pressed to relinquish any level of control of their firms, except in cases bordering on case management to the most senior and trusted lawyers working in the firm. However, no matter how dedicated you are to their business, you are made to understand—even when not told so in many words—that the law firms will be inherited by their children when they retire or die. I mean, their children are sent off to law school and return to work in the firm while the proprietor relinquishes control gradually to them as they get older and as their children gain competence. This is not a welcoming environment for family outsiders who may have their sights on gaining partnership roles.”

Ani has written a thought leadership book on legal marketing titled: Law Firm and Attorney Marketing: A 21st Century Guide. He has also written several articles on tech and its intersection with law, virtual law practice in Nigeria and other jurisdictions, Brand marketing and Business Development.


“Law Firm and Attorney Marketing: A 21st Century Guide” published by Amazon © 2019.

“Virtual Law Firms in Nigeria: A Chimera or the New Reality Law Practice?” published by SSRN © 2018.

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