Kabbiz Editorial Team.

We have an agile, dedicated team of writers and marketing professionals who are keyed into the Kabbiz dream. 

Kabbiz Team is made up of a group of Agile thinkers and writers.

We have one Face: Kabbiz and it is reflected in all we do.


Kingsley Ugochukwu Ani
Chief Content Officer and Editor-in-Chief

Kingsley U. Ani, Esq., is an IP Attorney and leads the Kabbiz editorial team. As a versatile and agile thinker with lots of content writing assignments notched under his belt, SEO knowledge and content marketing skills, he brings an agile focus to Kabbiz and mans the editorial calendar for the Team. Kingsley can be reached through anikingsley@kabbiz.com or through his Social Media channels.



Anita Christabella Brown
Director, Social Media

Anita is a social media influencer, marketer and model who's been involved in PR campaigns for top Brands, working with Project Teams to create TOMA. She brings the same wealth of experience to Kabbiz. 


Kabbiz is dedicated towards stellar business world reporting, with a core focus on business development, product development & deployment, emerging tech, growth analysis , competitor analysis, alongside other related happenings in the professional service delivery sector/ecosystem. We have an afro centric focus as we love Africa.

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