Barkings Nigeria Limited is a leading importer and distributor of a full range of industrial service and construction equipment such as industrial boilers, compactor, poker vibrator, mist and duster machines, karcher pressure washer and lots more. With their head offices in Lagos Nigeria and a showroom in Akwa Ibom State, they are actively engaged in the importation, sales and distribution of different ranges of industrial products. They are also a leading distributor of STIHL Brush Cutter Products within Nigeria.

Kabbiz’s Deliverables:


We handled some of the client’s initial advertising drive and ran a digital campaign for the client via Facebook and LinkedIn to ensure that they are noticed by their user base.

Content Drafting

We crafted all the site pages that appears on the site for them, including the static web pages, product description pages, as well as their corporate brochure and brand message to captivate the attention of their user base.

Corporate Identity

Barkings Nigeria Limited operates a highly tailored service for a very select client base who operate within the port city of Lagos and other parts of Nigeria. In building the company’s new website, Kabbiz created new brand components that more accurately reflect the identity of the client, and the sensibilities of the audience. We crafted various product pages that reflect the broad spectrum of the client’s product delivery services to clients operating within the Nigerian markets.

Digital Branding

We created a strong web presence for the client across various channels utilized by their prospective user base to ensure that they are found if and when their users search for them across multiple channels.

External Communications.

We handled some of the client’s external communications, particularly with their product line suppliers in China and the United Kingdom while educating the client’s staff on how to navigate their digital platforms themselves.