London e-commerce clothing store UK London e-commerce clothing and accessories store in UK

“Trendyzwear is the e-commerce store of the UK-registered business company Trendzywear Limited. We are a leading retailer of men’s collections of clothing apparel, servicing customers all over the United Kingdom and Europe.”


Our Work 

  • Branding
  • Web Design
  • Strategy
  • E-commerce store creation
  • Creative direction
  • Payment gateway setup
  • Project management
  • Writing and editing


The client wanted a simple e-commerce store that will enable his company sell clothing and accessories to users within the UK and other parts of Europe. He wanted something users can navigate through easily for his e-commerce store so that it would have great user experience for him and those visiting the site to purchase clothings and accessories.

What we did 

We sat down with the client and our project manager, went over the project objectives, then crafted a sitemap, then drew up the content to go with the site our developers were creating for the client. Afterwards, we developed a custom site based on the sample shown to us by the client. We also ensured that the client got the business registered as an entity with the UK Companies House so as to give the business entity its own separate corporate identity in order to reassure their customers of the authenticity of their work.

We also worked with a team of graphics designers to develop the best branded design to be imprinted on the products he is sell. We also ensured that the color pallette chosen matched up precisely with the design elements of the website so as to make for a real aesthetic feel for the overall user experience on the website.


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