Website and Brand Design for a UK-based Consulting Firm

Case Study: Website and Brand Design for UK-based Consulting Firm


Client Expectations

The founder and CEO of the company had set up his risk management & data analytics consulting company in 2014. however, the client had no online presence for the business and needed a presence that will showcase them to be at the top of their game in the UK market (which is an already saturated mature market for consultants). The client also needed an understated logo and brand design that will showcase consistency in their work.

The client was afraid that there was too much competition in the Market and wanted a presence that will not make it seem as if they’re aggressively competing with other companies in their niche but wanted a focus on their own consulting practise that is uniquely positioned to solve their clients’ problems and proffer workable solutions and frameworks for perceived problems. The client wanted a market positioning that resonates with their brand guidelines.


To determine what our best approach will be towards creating the type of image the client wanted, we conducted an assessment of the brand in its totality, taking into account the time the company was founded, the type of clients they service, the demographic the client was targeting within the UK, and the best approach we will take to ensure that needs are met and expectations exceeded.


While understanding the company’s unique color value, we liaised with a design boutique to design the best color scheme for the company for their logo, branded marketing materials, stationery and general outlook. We then proceeded to build a clean wordpress website for consulting firm that captured every details of the client’s UK consulting practise. The website design is such that it is very easy to navigate, thus creating a great user experience. The interface is clean and uncluttered and we ensured that our team of SEO writers wrote a web copy for the site that will make it easy for the site to be found by search engines in organic searches.


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