Law Firm and Attorney Marketing: A 21st Century Guide


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Law Firm and Attorney Marketing: A 21st Century Guide is a full blown guide book in which the author shares actionable marketing and growth strategy insights on how law firms and lawyers both within and outside Nigeria can market themselves, gain visibility in the minds of their target audience, and ultimately grow their market share in order to maximize profitability.

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Lawyers are known for their conservative nature and the fact that they disdain law firm and attorney marketing as a topic. However, what if you could tap into the knowledge of a leading professional with in-depth knowledge on law firm marketing? Introducing Law Firm and Attorney Marketing: A 21st Century Guide Book by Kingsley Ugochukwu Ani. Written in a conversational tone everyone will like, Law Firm and Attorney Marketing: A 21st Century Guide covers salient and important aspects of attorney marketing with solid examples and studies that will help readers relate to the subject matter. Readers can learn how to actively market themselves and implement best practices for attorney and law firm marketing success when it comes to lead generation clients. Published in 2019, Law Firm and Attorney Marketing: A 21st Century Guide is a very current and comprehensive resource on law firm and attorney business development.

In today’s competitive marketplace, law firm marketing is important to sustained, long term growth and profitability. Because of the high level of competition in Nigerian law firms, Africa and all over the world, lawyers and law firm management teams are learning to work the back end of their firms in order to develop strong books of business that will help them to maintain their profitability, earn more, gain more market share, and be rewarded for their legal expertise. This book aims to bridge the knowledge gap between law firm operators, practice managers, solo lawyers, and marketing knowledge that will help them in the long term to maintain a highly profitable practice.

With the practical need for business growth in law firms, many law firms are asking the ages-long question of how they can grow and market their law firms within Africa and to the entire world. Since lawyers are opinionated and trained only in the letters of the Law, it is difficult for them to delve into marketing. Many lack the actionable knowledge they need to market themselves to their target demographics. This book draws on deep industry insights to help bridge that gap between lawyers and marketing.

This book was written as a guide to both online and offline marketing for lawyers and law firms in Nigeria that wish to become the best in terms of visibility to their target audience, targeted growth in the practice areas they work in, and overall understanding of the Nigerian legal services market and what it takes to stand well above the park. Leading Nigerian law firms have grown exponentially over the years not only because of their practice area strength but also because of their heightened visibility to their target audiences both within and outside Africa.

About the Author

Kingsley Ani is a lawyer and business development consultant who has gained cognate experience working both within the legal and business sectors of the Nigerian economy. You can reach him on or reach out to our PR team on to arrange a call or meeting.


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