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Specialist Law Firms | Nigerian law firm Detail Commercial Solicitors in Focus

Detail Commercial Solicitors in Focus.

Specialist law firms are on the rise. With the global rise in complexity of transactions and the need for niche lawyers and law firms who are focused on serving specific industries or client types, sophisticated Legal services consumers are now choosing specialist law firms and lawyers over generalist lawyers to handle some of their complex transactional work.
The rise and need for continued, focused specialization is pointed out in an article by Law Gazette: “As law firms continue to merge or close, the demands for niche legal practices will rise to occupy the advice deserts that have started to appear”.

Many jurisdictions—Africa included—have risen to meet the demand for niche law practices and “boutique” law firms that carter exclusively to specific segments of the legal services market. In Nigeria, a jurisdiction best known for its “generalist” law firm focus, top-tier law firms and leading commercial lawyers in the country now increasingly focus on serving niche clients in specific sectors of the Business economy. To crown it all, one specialist law firm, Detail Commercial Solicitors took the front seat by choosing to carter exclusively in the commercial sphere.

Law Firm Overview | Detail Commercial Solicitors

“DETAIL is distinct as Nigeria’s first commercial solicitor firm to specialize exclusively in non-court room practice”.

With its law firm offices in Lekki Lagos, Nigeria, Detail Commercial Solicitors has a commercial-only focus and services multinational clients across Oil & Gas, Power, Capital Markets, Finance, Private Equity and other related commercial-only focused practice areas. Details has developed a reputation for its solicitors’ capabilities to deliver legal services in non-contentious commercial transactions.

“We realized early that we cannot be everything to everybody,” says Detail’s Lead Commercial Officer, Odunola Onadipe, offering an insight to the law firm’s unique business model. “By choosing to focus exclusively on non-court room practice, we position ourselves uniquely to serve clients without being conflicted. This means that we are trusted with clients’ transactions because we gain nothing should their matter end in the court.

“This has helped growth because clients and prospects have confidence in us, knowing that our non-conflicting status makes us reliable and trusted corporate & commercial solicitors”.

The partners at Detail Commercial Solicitors has led several notable deals, including acting as Transactions Legal advisers to the Central Bank of Nigeria [CBN] and the Nigerian Electricity Regulatory Commission [NERC] on a ₦213 billion Nigeria Electricity Market Stabilization Facility and the firm’s involvement in the privatization of the Nigerian Integrated Power Projects [NIPP] where it advised some preferred bidders on the deal. Detail was also at the helm of affairs in acting for LADOL FZE in negotiating a $350 Million JV with Samsung in relation to TOTAL’s first in country fabrication.

Rankings | Accolades

Detail Commercial Solicitors has been ranked by as the Global Law Expert Recommended Firm for Entertainment Law in Nigeria in 2012; by the World Finance as the Best Corporate and Commercial Law Firm, Nigeria, 2015; Best PPP Law Firm 2013 by World Finance and 2017 Oil & Gas law firm of the year by ESQ Nigerian Legal Awards.


Like several other law firms easing away from the generalist route and focusing on either specializing or streamlining their practice areas to a niche, narrower focus, Detail Commercial Solicitors—covering Nigeria, one of Africa’s largest legal jurisdictions—has shown that becoming a specialist law firm or narrowing focus on specific niche practice areas could help law firms gain stronger market share in their practice jurisdictions.

Furthermore, there is no doubt that Detail Commercial Solicitors has Nigeria well covered in corporate-commercial transactions and there is room for further expansion across borders.

To find out more about Detail Commercial Solicitors and the services offered by the firm, visit the firm’s website on https://detailsolicitors.com or email their contact desk on info@detailsolicitors.com

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