Olisa Agbakoba Legal & Capstone Legal | International law firm collaborations

Olisa Agbakoba Legal announces synergy with Capstone Legal. International law firm collaborations for law firm growth.

Marketing Strategies for Consulting Firms in Nigeria

Consultants are people that engage in deep thinking, using several tools they can think of for at their disposal, to work for their clients. Independent consultants know that having their consulting business website is more important than ever before. The reason is simple: the world has gone digital, and a review of a consulting business’s […]

How Top Law Firms and Lawyers in Nigeria can market their law practice

How top law firms and lawyers in Nigerian can market their law practise Top commercial law firms in Nigeria become industry leaders and celebrity firms not only because of the stellar service delivery they provide for their law firm clients, but also because of their legal marketing and the things they do to promote their […]

How to build your company brand image as part of your corporate strategy

Building a company brand is important. it can be incorporated as part of a company’s overall strategy.

4 Top Strategies that can help you get the most out of LinkedIn for Professional Growth

LinkedIn is the top social media platform for professionals. From doctors, to lawyers, to social media marketers, everyone is getting on the LinkedIn platform and trying to use it to grow their careers and advance their company profiles. As a job seeker, or professional, or consultant working in different industries, using LinkedIn has become a […]

Brand Strategy: Why Your Company needs to Develop a Strong Brand Strategy for Market Positioning.

Branding Strategy is extremely important for the growth of a business.

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