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Kabbiz is a digital consulting agency that has a client-focused practice on digital consulting, wordpress web design, brand strategy and content marketing.

Kabbiz handles, startups, technology [particularly emerging tech], business, , etc across Africa with particular focus on digital branding, digital consulting, web design, copywriting, and digital marketing. We are interested in seeing your business grow from incubation to growth, or from one growth level to the next level, whether it be to design your company website, help you tell your Brand story in a way that resonates with your target audience, or to brand your business and give it an identity that is eye-catching as well as unique.


Before investing in your professional services firm’s brand, website, and marketing materials, we believe that you a well-thought out plan. An effective plan starts with a deep understanding of the needs and aspirations of your ideal client, and then involves crafting a message, through copy and design, that makes it crystal clear to potential clients that your professional services firm and its professionals are best situated to serve them. Your clients have to understand that you know and appreciate their pain points and that you have the capacity to handle those pain points for them in the best way that is guaranteed to produce results.


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Kabbiz ensures that it delivers unparalleled insights into the business sphere in the Digital, with a focus on the world of emerging tech, business strategy, business development, and growth/succession planning.

We are also dealing with Digital insights that can help you either brand your company digitally or help it grow.

Strategy planning

We plan digital strategy because we are interested in the outlook of your business on the Web. We love insights, and each one delivered is tailored specifically to suit each business practice.

Kabbiz Corporate

We bring the latest strategy and tools which is garnered through thorough and extensive studying of applicable markets.


Kabbiz Media serves as our global information hub where we deliver the best marketing insights.


The services offered by Kabbiz, particularly as it pertains to business and digital content provision is tailored to fit each business mold.

Allign Yourself with excellence and great passion for delivery

Our company is a collective of amazing people striving to build delightful portfolios for our clients

Whether it’s web design, or digital marketing, or providing Brand Voice for your media channels in order to create stunning posts and insights that will resonate with your target audience and convert them to paying clients, we are interested first and foremost in the business growth of our clients. We aim to see them succeed and then we grow with them and their businesses

Our services

Brand Strategy

We look at your existing Brand and conduct a revamp of your Brand for new Markets, or we design your Brand to present your strongest front to your clients.

Website Copywriting

From static, SEO-optimized pages to blog posts, product descriptions, product reviews, insightful white papers and any other type of writing that will showcase your subject matter expertise to your potential clients and customers, we have you covered.

Digital Marketing

Our marketing team will handle your digital marketing needs across the various channels your operate in so that you gain more visibility to your target audience.

Digital Branding

You need to be recognizable across various media. Our work is to give you a solid branding package that will make you stand out

Digital Consulting

We consult with you and take charge of your digital portfolio

Web development

We design wordpress sites for your consulting practise, e-commerce sites, and personal sites to reflect your Brand and give your Brand a home on the Internet.


Most frequent questions and answers

From your website design, to your overall branding decision, a lot goes into designing a brand to be what you want it to be like. We can help you with that.

Like your physical offices, your website is your home online and it is the first point of contact people have with your business when they come to your website for the first time. You have to make it shine. Your website is extremely important towards creating the type of perception you want your business to have in the eyes of its online viewers

Personally, we think it is not okay to just get a website and leave it at that. Content is king. It is what people read to connect to your brand. Not only that, people read your business’s website posts and content to view your thought leadership. That way, you get to position yourself as a thought leader in your field.

From designing a stunning wordpress site that will be best suited for your business, to designing or revamping your brand, we have got all your needs covered. We offer web design, digital marketing through analytics, website copywriting. . .in other words, we offer a full suit of services that is tied in with each other to provide our clients with the best experience they can think of. Contact us to find out more.

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