Kabbiz Advertising Media Kit for Professional firms

What We Offer

Kabbiz provides professional services firms with a range of advertising and marketing solutions that are all geared towards maximizing extensively targeted reach to get in touch with your Agency’s target audience on LinkedIn, Facebook and Search Engines.

  • We increase your Brand awareness through high profile post sponsorship that will reach your targeted Market.
  • We strengthen your Brand message with your own customizable professional service business page which will link out to your business solutions website.
  • Target specific laser-focused audiences that you want to reach with your Brand message and offers through LinkedIn, Facebook, and Search Engines.
  • Target specific locations, audience demographics, skills, sectors and interests that relate to your business to ensure that they reach your audience where they, in whatever platforms they use.

What you Get

Qualified Traffic:

We are interested in reaching the specific audience type you want to reach with your Brand’s message, across your chosen channels. Your company may not be able to run its own ads, but we can deliver to the precise, qualified audience your company is trying to reach with your Brand’s Message and promotional materials.

Article Sponsorship:

Article sponsorship here on Kabbiz is your way of reaching a specific audience you want to reach out to. Sponsorship slots is available on an individual article basis, covering topics that is aligned with your core work services, and also typically includes a small bio of your organization, branded images and a link back to your website.

Qualified Traffic and Audience Targeting:

We are interested in having your Brand reach your specific targeted audience. We narrow down our advertising to your specific niche; in other words, we niche down our focus by specifically targeting a defined audience based on location, sector, gender, age, sex, professional qualifications and other user metrics that will help us get to your desired audience.

Category Sponsorship

To find out more about Kabbiz advertising and how we can service your needs and help you reach your desired audience with your professional services, contact our advertising team.

Notable Facts

You have to understand that content without people to read that content is like having a fabulous work of art or a great book that is hidden in a closet. It would be beautiful to look at but it will make no meaning, as no one is seeing it. That makes it ultimately worthless.

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