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Kabbiz is dedicated to helping businesses grow and compete with their counterparts in the corporate world. We strive to deliver stunning insights that are custom-tailored towards your unique business and its core operating model.  We believe that each business is unique and the one-size fits-all approach will never work.

Kabbiz Advisory & Insights Services  are structured as follows:

Business Strategy: A business plan is not enough to anchor business execution. A Roadmap Document is required especially in a sector which is in a state of flux [changing market, changing model, startup, competition, regulation, etc]. To avoid pursuing many windy paths or dead ends, a roadmap helps to encapsulate a profitable path to the vision with pillars and enablers necessary for success.

  • We will conduct a review of the Firm’s current strategy, and identify the current gaps considering the business needs and market best practices and make recommendations to implement the strategic gaps with fit for purpose solutions in line with global best practices and local realities.
  • Executive Coaching and Mentoring: We offer a service where we mentor and coach emerging founders or business leaders as they build their companies. Many business owners do not understand the need for team dynamism. Through this service, they would email, speak, WhatsApp and Skype on growth and management issues that affect their companies. Simply, we become part of the ecosystem of the company. We strive to understand their company and its needs.
  • Business Writing: Each business needs it own voice. It is the owning and implementing of its own voice in the digital space that will set it apart from its competitors and make it a mark on any its own. We craft compelling copy for the businesses that need our writing services, particularly on their unique product/service offerings.
  • Growth: We tackle issues that relates to growth, stability, executive management consulting, and succession. We look at and tackle the main issues that most businesses are interested in today.
  • Succession: In a competitive world, the idea of the first-generation-only business model is completely phased out and businesses are more agile, looking for ways to outlive successive generations of owners. This can be done through Succession Planning; we come in here. We strive to develop a strategy that will ensure that the business passes on to the next generation of owners.
  • Technology:  Technology is now a core driver of business; for some businesses more than others. We are interested in hunting up and serving synergies between the business and technology and how the latter can be used as a core driver of growth and mobility to the business.
  • Thriving Leadership: For business well-being and practices that can impart the best value in the Corporate Communications chain, leaders who are visionary and has deep sense of empathy needs to be onboard. We develop and provide a playbook for role modeling and unveiling new waves of potential across the organizatio by ensuring that executives understand that their role is more than just being the boss.

Our Business Services

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