How To Create a Social Media Marketing Strategy to Grow your Career

Social Media Marketing

Social Media Marketing is hot right now. There are several social media influencers in different areas of endeavors such as among Professionals, doctors, musicians, models. . .the list is endless. The use of social media sites among professionals and different classes of people has grown exponentially over the years, that Social media has become part and parcel of people’s lives. As an IP Attorney myself, I love social media and I use Linkedin for at least six hours cumulatively every week to catch up on Industry insights and news.

Because of this, every professional should be interested in developing their social media marketing strategy that can help to drive their career growth and reputation online. It can be a focal point in individual branding .

Social Media Platforms to use.

Different professions require different social media platforms. For example, for legal, accounting and auditing professionals, creating great LinkedIn profiles and sharing thought leadership articles on LinkedIn would be more beneficial than sticking to Facebook for their professional networking.

 For a B2C sales rep, using a combination of Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn may be better than relying on just one social media site. For a fashion Brand, using Facebook and Instagram would yield more results than sticking to just one. A B2B sales rep would be better off sticking to LinkedIn since he’s selling directly to businesses and Brands; LinkedIn is populated with Brands. You get the picture.

Social Media Sites and what each one represents

There are many social media sites out there, and each one serve a different class of people. LinkedIn services professionals; Facebook is great for Brands and individuals. Twitter is fantastic to drive conversation around a topic. Instragram is great for visual exposure. Medium is fantastic for writers who have a lot of ideas they want to share with the World. YouTube is the medium of choice for video content creators.

What you do is to look at each one and decide which one would better serve both your personal branding and Firm branding needs, then go for it.

What Should a Professional Do?

I know that the idea or the thought of using so many social media platforms for your branding needs may seem daunting; and it is. Really. One can’t be expected to keep up with the myriad of social media platforms that swim around the Internet. So you have to be strategic in your choice of Social Media sites to use for your Social Media Marketing strategy.

By being strategic, I simply mean that you have to look at each one of these sites, weigh their pros and cons, then pick your best choice. The emphasis is on Best; for not all sites will be good for your social media marketing needs, neither will all of them serve your needs. So, you cherry-pick the best platforms that will better serve your needs, then ditch the others. Or you can use the others for other purposes. For example, I use LinkedIn for personal branding and thought leadership showcase, then I use Facebook to catch up with family and friends.

Please note that this article focuses on Professionals, not Brands or non-professionals. These other ones will be treated in a separate article.


LinkedIn social media platform for professionals in Nigeria LinkedIn for Social Selling

LinkedIn is the social media platform of choice for professionals. There are over 500 million users on LinkedIn, and it keeps rising. For a professional who wishes to have his voice heard in his niche, LinkedIn is the best network such a professional can think of. It’s like a mini-school, with lots of social influencers and lots of readers. Here are the benefits of LinkedIn:

Create a Professional LinkedIn profile:

your LinkedIn profile is like an online resume which you edit with each new role you assume, each new certification you get, and each new article you write in reputable journals. LinkedIn lets you update your entire career profile on the platform. An up-to-date profile is a strategy because recruiters and potential clients can chance upon your profile and it could lead to something interesting for you.

LinkedIn showcases your subject matter expertise:

Because of the fact that you connect to a lot of individuals in your work industry and related industries, you will have a ready pool of fellow professionals you can showcase your niche skills to. Your long-form articles on LinkedIn pulse and your post updates can showcase your skills and areas of expertise to your readers. This will keep you top-of-mind for roles which may open up and can get clients to your door for advisory services.

LinkedIn allows you to connect to like-minded professionals.

Lawyers can connect to fellow lawyers. Doctors can connect to fellow doctors. Transfer pricing specialists can connect to those in the same field. You can carefully screen the type of connections you add on the platform and the type of professionals that can add you so you can maximize your use of the social media platform.


Medium for social media marketingMedium, the loved social media platform for writers

Medium is a social media site that allows writers to write and publish on any imaginable topic they can think of. Medium is generally best for those who enjoy writing.

For example, when I was advising on a cross-border startup, I had course to visit Medium to read up on some articles that dealt on startup founders. The lawyers who wrote the articles I read did a fantastic job; the articles were in-depth.

What makes Medium so great is that readers can choose to follow you if they enjoy your articles. They can also choose to “clap” for your articles. The more claps your articles get, the more they get recommended to readers who visit the site.

Medium is a great site for professionals who love writing. It’s basically not for networking but for sharing knowledge in long form. If you love writing blog posts and you don’t have a ready-made platform for your articles, you can think of Medium. From there, you can share the articles to other social media platforms for maximum exposure. So, if you churn out articles and you’re looking for a great platform that can be a good fit for your body of work, you may want to consider Medium.


Everyone uses Facebook. As a professional, you may not be interested in using the personal Facebook you know for your personal branding efforts so as to supercharge your social media marketing plan. That’s understandable. However, you have an area of expertise that people can benefit from. For example, an Attorney who is focused on business advisory can set up a Facebook group where he answers questions pertaining to that area of expertise.

People use Facebook. Some professionals operate huge Facebook groups that are ecosystems in and of themselves. Through that, their social media image is uplifted; they gain more visibility to those who may be needing their services. If you feel that can work for you, then go for it.

All Together

Using social media platforms to boost professional careers has become the norm now, rather than the exceptions. Many employers demand for strong social media profiles before they proceed to hire you. Many prospective clients search out your profile on different social media sites and on search engines. What do they see? A scanty profile with an old photo or no photo at all? Or profiles that are rich with your content which easily showcases your expertise?

Please note that using Facebook, Twitter, to navigate friend lists does not mean that you have a social media marketing strategy in place to help you with your career growth. It also doesn’t mean that you’re using them to market yourself. Devising a social media marketing strategy means that you have to be deliberate about your choice of platforms to use. What to do:

Build a Strong Online Profile

Nowadays, before making their hires, Firms look up the social media accounts of their prospective hires. Clients do the same when they want to do business with you or if they want to retain your services; what do they see?

Carefully review the different social media sites out there and make your choices.

Once you’ve made your choices, create a strong profile on each. Make sure each profile –particularly LinkedIn–is professional-looking and up-to-date with all relevant information about you that you want people to see. It’s your online CV; make it shine.

About the Author:

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Please note that the contents of this article is geared towards only the working professionals. Brands aren’t included; this will be treated in our next article.

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