How to use Influencer Marketing strategy for inbound marketing

The Rise of Influencer Marketing and how everyone can be one in the Digital World; examining Charlize Theron and other influencers who made it work.

Influencer Marketing has been on the rise, particularly with the rise of Digital, and Brands all over the world are keying into it. Nikes have used Serena Williams. In Nigeria, Globacom has used several actors and actresses. People with followers and social clout are redefining the advertising narrative in their favor and people absolutely love it.

According to Traackr: Influencer marketing is the process of identifying, researching, engaging and supporting the people who create high-impact conversations with customers about your brand, products or services.

What makes influencer marketing so effective is that it opens up the Brand offering to members of the public who are avid fans/ followers of the Influencer in question.


Brand A is into body cream production. They onboard a famous personality to drive the narrative on that body cream. Soon, people who know nothing about Brand A or their body cream will become acquainted with it and may even use it because their favorite influencer has endorsed it.

A case in point to buttress this [and which forms the core part of this post] is the case of Charlize Theron modeling Dior’s new perfume collection, J’adore.

The actress-cum-philanthropist put up the short endorsement video on her Instagram page. It has, from the time it went up, garnered over 320,000 views from her fans. Bloggers who were her fans took it up on their blogs. People from Facebook who loved the actress took it up. Popularity for the new line of perfumes skyrocketed.


Influencer marketing is far on the rise and is building up to eclipse traditional marketing. People get advertising accounts not because of their looks or because of their talent but rather because of the social clout they heft. Kendal Jenner joined the Victoria’s Secret lineup because of the golden name of the family she came from and the sheer massive number of her social media [particularly Instagram] followership.

Influential bloggers become spokespersons for Brands; actresses and actors become the faces of big Brands. Controversial people get lined up to handle advertising for big-name Brands.

What this Says

The past has changed from what it used to be to the powers of social media and Digital channels utilization. People who make the conscious efforts to own a particular space – be it Facebook, or Instagram, or LinkedIn, or their own blogs [think of the digital marketing guru Neil Pattel whose blog always shows up in the first three organic searches on digital marketing in Google search results], and who succeed in growing these platforms through their sheer dint of hard work, generally reap the benefits. The opportunities come. Endorsements come. Doors are unlocked. Hiring managers and headhunters come calling.

How can this be used in digital marketing campaigns?

The rule of the game is numbers. You need a lot of eyes on your service or product offerings across various channels. Rather than go the normal ad route, some managers decide to make use of social media influencers for their advertising campaigns. The type and clout of the influencer marketer to be used depends on the ad spend the manager is willing to make. Some are willing to spend a lot of money, which means that they can afford the higher-priced influencers on the different social media networks. For those that don’t have a high advertising budget, they can use “micro-influencers” who have large followings but not so large a following as to be unaffordable.

A digital marketing manager can take note of the influencers on their space so as to utilize their services. For example, a newbie advertising agency can choose to publish a detailed article on one area of marketing with Jeff Bullas’s blog. A fintech company starting up in Lagos can choose to tap into the already existing reader network offered by Prof. Ndubuisi Ekekwe’s Tekedia blog. The list goes on and on.

Important steps in choosing your influencer marketers for your campaign

Identify your target audience:

Each business or company targets a specific audience demographic by sex, age, interests, location and any other interesting metrics you feel will work for your company.

Define your Influencer Marketers:

You know the right influencer marketers you can use. Dior used Charlize Theron. Pepsi has used Jenner. Globacom Nigeria has used actors and reality TV stars. The list is endless.

For example, if you’re a law firm interested in drawing a lot of eyeballs to your law Firm’s moves, using a lawyer with around 50,000 engaged followers on LinkedIn would probably be better than using a singer.

So, define precisely who your influences are. The benefits for your inbound marketing efforts would be off the charts if done right.

All Together

Digitalization of systems, including business operations, has changed the playing arena and leveled it for all comers. The sheer amount of time it took someone in the past to grow their career is more than reduced in current times due to the over-explosion of digital publication channels. Everyone can be an influncer in one niche or the other. It takes passion and determination to find that niche and then stick to it. It takes time to grow a passion from an idea to a hobby and then to a life.
It takes time, but in the end, it’s worth it.

Do you need help with your influencer marketing campaign? Then leave a comment below and someone from our team will be there to answer to your needs. Download our consulting brochure here.

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