How to start on your law firm content marketing strategy

Lawyer Content Marketing Overview

If you are a lawyer reading this, you are probably wondering what content marketing has to do with a Lawyer’s job. Your focus should be on the business and practise of Law, not on creating content for your Firm’s blog, yes? If you think that, then you may be wrong. Your law firm content marketing strategy is not only for the Law Firm marketing team.

Content marketing is for everyone, including conservative professionals like lawyers. Top performing law firms in the world utilize content as part of their marketing efforts, and it pays off. Reason: content is one of the most effective ways of getting and retaining a readership base, possibly converting them into paying clients in the sales funnel when the time is right.

What is Content Marketing?

Content marketing is a strategic content plan created and implemented by businesses with a view to educating readers (who are also potential customers and clients) and converting them into customers and clients when the time is right in the sales process. By consistently providing top, stellar content for your law firm blog readers, you establish your Firm and Practice as a subject matter expert in a specific area you are targeting. You’re creating confidence in the mind of your readers and making them consider your law firm a trustworthy source of valuable information for their knowledge needs.

Examples of Popular Law Blogs


Note that these two are legal content providers that bring together content from hundreds of member law firms in different jurisdictions so that readers can read their content and resonate with their value offerings. Still, it means that member firms submitting to these two are in the content marketing game, creating valuable knowledge-based content on diverse areas of the Law like Mergers, Intellectual Property & Brand Protection, Private Client & Offshore matters, Commercial Litigation, etc. They’re setting themselves up as experts in that area, and they succeed.

Developing a Law Firm Content Marketing Strategy

Content marketing is not all about creating content; you also have to develop a strategy for it. It is imperative that your Law Firm’s business development/marketing team develops an editorial calendar for your law firm’s content marketing efforts. They should also develop a content marketing strategy. The reason is simply because it is always better to set down a specific vision on paper and then take the appropriate steps to see it through. So, if you’ve been creating random blog posts, stop! Create a calendar, then follow it through.

Benefits of Law Firm Content Marketing Strategy

The benefits of content marketing for all types of businesses cannot be overemphasized. Content is what people consume when they visit the Internet with their devices. It could be videos, podcasts, blog posts, long form articles, infographics. They are all content. If your law firm can develop a content marketing strategy and follow it through, then the benefits are enormous. Data has shown that people first go online when they have an issue. If people who may need your law firm’s service offerings search for answers to their legal problems and come upon your law firm’s informative content, there is every chance they will go for you to provide their solutions.

Content creation and marketing opens up your law firm’s brand to visitors, there is no doubt about that. It also has the capability of showcasing your law firm to be a subject matter expert in a specific law practice niche, say Private Client & Offshore Advisory. And all these are beneficial to your law firm. They can help your law firm convert your visitors into paying clients.

How to Get Started with Law Firm Content Marketing

The very first step would be to develop and align a Firm-wide strategy. This is extremely important. A strategy will help your law firm focus its attention on what it wants to achieve. Your team members and Firm practitioners will each know their role in the overall effort. Then you can proceed further.

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Content Development

Your law firm marketing team will have this question to ask themselves: what type of content can we develop for our readers? Good question.
The type of content to develop is definitely varied, and can cover several areas of Law Practice and legal pain points which your clients generally encounter. They could take these forms: long form articles, opinion articles (on different legal issues and even court judgments), blog posts, case studies, legal series.
An example of the latter two is evidenced in the IP ABC case study series and the Startup 123 series started up by Infusion Lawyers, a Lagos-based virtual IP law firm in Nigeria. These series come up on a weekly basis, with a case study that deals with a hypothetical legal scenario, accruing legal issues, and a comparative analysis of this.

Content Marketing Guidelines for Law Firms

Continue reading below:


Your law firm will have to choose the niche areas it wishes to write on. For a law firm that exclusively handles commercial transactions, it will definitely be better for such a law firm to target its content marketing efforts at creating articles and content in that subject area. For a general-practice law firm, a more diverse approach will be beneficial. The law firm marketing team can then split this up according to practise area and assign the content creation to the relevant attorneys that do work in that focus area.

Define your Audience

This is quite necessary. Your law firm marketing team should create the ideal client/buyer persona you are developing your articles for. Create a hypothetical profile detailing age, work status, legal points, etc, that may be addressed for such a client persona. Then you plot your content marketing strategy along those lines, for that person. This is important so that you don’t create random content in spite of your comprehensive content marketing plan.

Content Distribution: Choose your Channels

When you create your law firm content, where do you publish them? Your company website? Where? This may prove to be a dilemma, as many law firms would not want to include blog posts in their law firm website. No problem.

You can plan your distribution channels and choose where you can publish: your law firm blog, your law firm’s official company profile, Typepad, LinkedIn, etc.

Content Promotion:

While it is good to love the good old organic search traffic that your company blogs and articles may garner, it would be a good strategy to promote these contents across different channels. I love saying it thus: pay your pay to the top if you can. So, channel promotion of your law firm’s content can perform wonders if done right and if targeted well.

Strategy Evaluation

We live in a data-driven world right now. Everything is evaluated as Data. Your law firm content should, too. If you are publishing on your law firm’s dedicated blog or company website, you can install certain instruments that can help you analyze your law firm’s content marketing performance. To do this: I believe Google Analytics is a Wonder tool for website performance metrics analysis. Another tool is Jetpack. They monitor website metrics like visitors by day, time, location, click-throughs, referral source, etc. Popular times and even bounce rates can be monitored using Google Analytics. These point out where your law firm content is doing well and where it’s not, then the latter can be adjusted accordingly.

End Note:

The world has changed. Marketing has changed. Content marketing and advertising has changed. Your law firm needs to change too in order to leverage these applicable changes for the good of your content marketing strategy.

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