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Law Firms Website Design & Development

Law firms are at the very center of professional service offerings and so need high visibility. Your law firm website is the digital home front of your law firm brand, the basic and strongest foundation of your marketing programs both online and offline, and the birthing fire in which all elements of your brand design and messaging is forged and made accessible to your law firm target audience of potentially millions of viewers. Whether you are undertaking a full-fledged law firm website design project, launching a microsite for a specific practice or developing an attorney-penned blog, Kabbiz is well equipped to handle your law firm brand design from idea to final product. Our team of web designers, content marketers, SEO Consultants, business strategists manages the entire process from back-end development and information architecture through front-end design and user experience to deliver a top-quality final product.

Law Firm Marketing

In the past, many law firms got the bulk of their books of business from relationships and word of mouth referrals, but the dynamics have changed. Today, when someone needs legal help, they don’t turn to their network or look to referrals. They turn to Google and make a Google search. Whether it’s to hire a lawyer or to find an answer to a legal question plaguing them, Google and other search engines have become the go-to source for your target audience when they are searching for legal representation and other related issues.

When these potential clients go online, how can you make your law firm show up at the top of the results pages? Note that people rarely scroll past the first page of results on Google.

What Kabbiz can do for your law firm:

  • Listen to your law firm representatives to get a strong idea of what you aim to achieve for your brand.
  • Brainstorm to create the best brand design possible, with your desired colour scheme.
  • Create a comprehensive website and other digital assets development strategy.
  • Our designers will then build and customize user-friendly features for your website back end using the most popular website creation platform: WordPress
  • Provide the final front-end design, stellar copywriting that will showcase your law firm’s brand and practice area expertise and SEO services to boost your firm rankings on Google.
  • Manage the entire design project and personnel from ideation stage to final completion.

Law Firm Videos

People are visual in nature and usually prefers watching information as against reading or listening to it, which makes video one of the most effective marketing tools for law firms whether at the firm-wide level, practice area level and individual attorney level. The best way to make and maximize virtual connections is to visually convey the stories of your law firm, its attorneys and their practice areas, and clients. Kabbiz can initiate and manage all aspects of law firm videos, from pre-production strategy, creative development and scripting to production to post-production editing and effects. We also provides direction and best practices related to leveraging your videos through blogs, the firm website and your law firm/attorneys’ social media channels.

What Kabbiz can do for you:

  • Identify on-camera talent and best shooting backgrounds.
  • Draft the necessary video messaging scripts and storyboards that will incorporate your firm’s messaging.
  • Provide expert guide to video production.
  • Choose the necessary distribution channels and distribute your law firm’s video messaging, as needed.

At Kabbiz, we rely on data to proffer the best digital marketing solution for your law firm and target your target audience with laser-like precision because, using a data-focused approach, we can find out who your target audience are and where we can find them so we can reach them with your unique service offerings. Contact us via email on

Law Firm and Attorney Marketing Book

Law Firm marketing and lawyer marketing in Nigeria for lawyers and law firms

In today’s competitive legal services marketplace, law firm marketing is important for law firms that wish to sustain long term growth and profitability. Because of the high level of competition in Nigerian law firms, Africa and all over the world, lawyers and law firm management teams are learning to aggressively work the back end of their firms in order to develop viable business relationships and strong books of business that will help them to maintain their profitability. This book aims to bridge the knowledge gap between law firm operators, practice managers, solo lawyers, and marketing knowledge that will help them in the long term to maintain a highly profitable practice.

Click here to buy this book on our website.

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