Legal Directories – The Best Free & Paid Attorney Directories [Updated for 2019]

It is common knowledge or wisdom that lawyers or law firms are not allowed by their very own law practice to advertise their practice service directly on TV, pages of newspaper and magazines or any other media or channel of communications apart from submissions process for legal directories. For example, Kabbiz has been working with legal firms in Nigeria to get their profiles submitted to top legal directories. The agency, Kabbiz, works with high impact legal clients who are willing to spend for comprehensive solutions and services. Visit Unique Suit of Legal Digital Strategy & Marketing Offerings to get in touch about how they can help you take your Legal service & marketing or sales strategy to the next level.

According to recent research study and data gathered by BestSoft Nigeria, 41% of legal service consumers start their search for an attorney to hire in legal directories website.

The good news is that you can leverage online platforms to grow your legal practice.


That’s a million dollar question.

Registering on legal directories is the quickest way for attorneys and law firms to grow their web presence and build backlinks to their website to boost their first page rankings for competitive legal keywords.

Non spam directories can help law firms expand their search engine results page (SERPs) visibility, get authoritative links to their site, collaborate with other legal practitioners and professionals and grow their online authority.

Google De-Indexed & Devalued Spam-infested Legal Directories

In 2012, Google slammed their algorithm against spam-infested directories and started de-indexing them.  They devalued links from such sites.

Nowadays, legal directories remain an integral part of building relevant links and citations. Submitting your law firm website to quality legal directories is a crucial first step to take.

After the list of directories under the FAQs section you’ll learn about what legal directories are, how to determine if a directory is spammy or not, how to use them to promote and market your law firm to a larger audience and why you need dream 100 legal directories to get started now.

Top 10 Essential Legal Directories Where Your Law Firm Need To Be Found

The legal directories provide key benefits like getting reviews, earn links, and get online platforms to build authority in your practice area. This is a free tool that can help attorneys market their practices online and at the same time improve their SEO first page rankings.

Many law firms’ marketers make millions of dollars yearly to submit lawyers’ details on these free and paid legal directories.

If you are an attorney you need to have an active profile in the top legal directories to stand a chance of showing up on the first page of Google whenever someone searches for your law firm’s name or your name.

Even if potential legal clients type your name or something generic as “avvo” or “avvo family law” or “lawyer com review” or “dallas divorce lawyer” or “injury lawyer”, the SERPs always contains links to two or more of these good directories.

The more active your law firm website is on the directory’s search engines, the higher you will rank and attract more clients.

Although there are thousands of legal directories online, these directories are beneficial for SEO and deliver opportunities for building your legal firm authority for these reasons:

Social Proof

When a potential legal client finds you on a legal directory and read some consumers or customers’ reviews about your firm, they already trust you as the source of legal information they were searching for. 

Legal directories provide you with social proof as the trusted sources of reputable list of trusted legal sites.

Domain Authority

Domain authority is one of the ranking factors and very important to Google. These directories have very high domain authority and a good place to earn authority backlinks to your site for SEO first page rankings.


Reviews and star rating sites are foundational to social proofs that help attorneys stand out in search rankings. Many legal directories offer an opportunity for lawyers or law firms to earn reviews. A review is another ranking factor for Google search.

Content Marketing

Some directories like accept guest content with a backlink to relevant posts on your law firm’s site.


Legal directories align best for relevancy and contextual promotion as well as getting links from sites that are related to your legal industry.

Subject Authority

Subject authority is a featured Q&A sections on directories where you as an attorney can answer legal questions posted by potential legal clients or content consumers.

It provides you potential leads and opportunity to build authority in your practice areas.

Submitting your law firm’s profile in online legal directories that are already getting organic, searches, and ranking on Google search result first page is an effective strategy to get more qualified leads from your expanded online presence.

What Are the Top 13 Lawyer Directories

Based on several factors; SEO metrics gathered from Semrush, Ahrefs and overall features of each attorney directory.

  13. Legal Directories Chambers

What Are the Best Free Legal Directories 2019 for Attorneys

Of all the available free directories, you can choose from a number of attorney directories. There are some free limited listings directories that have high quality domains. I’ve compiled the best free legal directories below for you. Some of these directories have been listed in the Legal 500 Magazine issues that interviews high rating court case award-winning attorneys as well as publishing lawyer rankings in various areas of law practices for every country.

  11. Legal Directories UK

What Are the Top 8 Personal Injury Directories

Are you looking for contextually relevant links for personal injury lawyer SEO?

Look no further!

Here is a list of personal injury specific legal directories for attorneys that are both free and paid. 

These directories cover a huge number of practice areas such as asbestos laws and regulations, employment & labour laws, blue laws that prohibit certain activities such as shopping on a Sunday, and other areas that are within the scope of personal injury.

There are thousands out there on the Internet but these are some of the best with high domain authority and good organic traffic. You are getting on them cheap to acquire strong links (aks backlinks) to your legal website.

  5. – National Academy of Personal Injury Lawyers
  7. Martindale Hubbell Law Directory
  8. West Legal Directory

What are The Top 60+ Law Firm Directories for 2019 with High Domain Authority

  1. Cornell University –
  6. LawyerDirectory.Legal

The quickest way potential clients used to find a lawyer is through directories. Legal directories are available in some states and countries such as the legal directories in Nigeria, UK, Dallas, Australia, Texas, Louisiana, etc. Most consumers look for lawyer rankings and reviews while they are some legal directories consultants who could advise you on the legal implications and help you with submissions to the appropriate directories.

Frequently Asked Questions about Law Firm Directories

Now that you’ve an in-depth curated list of over 90+ legal directories as well the reasons attorneys and legal experts would hire a consultant to help enlist their site on directories.

What Are Legal Directories?

A legal directory is a dedicated website that categorizes and lists legal websites with each listing under a specific location or category and subcategories.

A legal listing can sometimes reside in multiple categories or subcategories at once. This depends on the area of practice or legal services as selected by the listed law firm.

The two outstanding benefits of using legal directories for your law firm SEO include:

  • Links to your legal or law firm website.
  • A strong web presence across the Internet.

Legal directories consist of a wide range of practice areas, products and services listed below:

  • Law firm advertising.
  • A platform that helps attorneys to submit content articles and blog posts.
  • Legal firms where attorneys respond and answer legal questions from consumers.
  • Questions and Answers legal portal.
  • Legal business and website listings.

How Can Legal Directories Help My Web Presence?

You can build authority for your attorney brand because higher quality law firm directories provide SEO benefits, links, and referral traffic to your attorney’s website.

According to data gathered by BestSoft Nigeria 41% of legal service consumers start their search for an attorney to hire in legal directories website?

Another help is that you can own and dominate the search results. Attorneys can create more than one directory opportunities to appear in the search results pages.

Which Lawyer Directories matter The Most?

Legal directories are the most important traffic source for lawyers and give you:

  • The ability to respond to consumer legal questions.
  • Contribute your content and share legal questions.
  • The opportunity to earn reviews on the directories and boost your credibility and trust.


Law firms invest millions of dollars on paid submissions and a significant amount of effort and time every year in the submissions process for legal directories.  Top directories in the world such as The Legal 500, Avvo,, Jurist, Personal Injury, Legal Directories Chambers, and Justice Partners, are regarded as the most quality trafficked, influential and esteemed legal directories in the legal industry, to whom some law firms submit profile entries annually.

The Legal directories as listed above not only provide you with quality SEO lawyer rankings and backlinks, but has the potential to drive referral traffic to your website and boost your legal law firm.

Have we missed any important legal directory that you know is useful and should be added here? Please let us know in the comment section and it will be listed immediately. Or when are you planning to submit to law firm to legal directories?

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