Legal Marketing & Attorney Marketing Guide[Updated 2020 for Covid-19]

Law Firm and Attorney Marketing: A 21st Century Guide is a definitive guide to doing law firm business, packed with strategies, stories and theories on legal marketing drawn from extensive personal experience and research.

Law firm marketing is not set in stone, and for that, we introduce the definitive guide for law firms doing business and hoping to grow their books of business, with fresh, actionable insights and exclusive case studies designed to unpack the knowledge law firm managers and attorneys need to gain visibility and grow market share.

Amazon POD | Kingsley Ugochukwu Ani | December 2019.

Lawyers are generally very conservative, and this reserve has spilled out issues bordering on marketing and visibility. Because of this innate reserve, lawyers and law firm managers are usually wary of law firm marketing and attorney marketing as topics of discourse that deserve their attention. However, with the Big Four encroaching on lawyers’ market share because they truly embody “a one stop shop” for professional services for their clients, and with more lawyers understanding the need to step out of their conventional roles as lawyers, legal service providers now search for in-depth knowledge on law firm and attorney marketing.

Law Firm and Attorney Marketing: A 21st Century Guide (Amazon POD, December, 2019) provides a comprehensive guide to law firm business for legal services providers. The book covers highly important and salient aspects of legal marketing with solid examples and detailed advice that will help law firm leaders to navigate the seemingly opaque waters in their role as marketers. The readers of the book can learn how to actively market their law practice and implement legal marketing best practices for law firm and attorney marketing in order to attract quality leads in their lead generation efforts.
There is no doubt that law practice has become highly competitive because of the entry of alternative legal services providers (ALSPs) and the incursion of the Big Four into the legal marketplace through their specialized tax and legal advisory teams. This has led to the increasing interest by law firm managers and practice attorneys in legal marketing and how to gain the requisite knowledge that will help them grow solid books of business, gain more market share through their activities and be top-of-mind among legal services consumers.

Law Firm and Attorney Marketing: A 21st Century Guide was written as a practical guide for both online and offline marketing for lawyers and law firms. The book draws upon a wealth of advisory and an in-depth understanding of the legal services industry by the author to deliver a body of knowledge that will help shape the marketing guidelines for law firms and lawyers. This book is required reading for law firm practice managers, law firm managing partners, solo practitioners, young lawyers and marketing consultants/firms seeking to advise law firms on the ultra narrow niche of legal marketing.


Law Firm and Attorney Marketing: A 21st Century Guide is available for purchase at online bookstores for electronic copies of the book and for its print version.



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Kingsley Ugochukwu Ani is a corporate lawyer with a techno-centric focus. He is also a digital strategist and marketer, leading law firms and corporates on their expansion and visibility drives. He has worked with other consultants in three countries. Ani is the author of numerous articles on Strategy, Growth, Expansion & Marketing published by Kabbiz.

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