The Benefits of Using Google My Business for your Local Company

Google My Business is an important tool that can be utilized by any business that has a physical business address. It is one of the free business tools rolled out by the Tech giant Google to enable businesses rank on search engines even without tackling SEO or having a website. It also enables businesses with local addresses get found on Google by people close to their location.

How it Works

You sign up for Google My Business using your Gmail account. There are several details that you need to fill; address, name of business, type of business, nature of services offered, logo upload, images upload, hours and working days of the week, etc. When you’re done with all these, Google will send you a postcard bearing a six-digit pin. It generally takes anywhere between three days to fourteen days from the date of request to arrive. Please note that Google will mail you PIN physically; not virtually. You will have to then enter your PIN into the provided box, and your business will go live both on Google Search results and on Google Maps.

The Benefits of using Google My Business

It is free.

Everyone wants a freebie, myself included. Google my Business is one of Google’s free premium services, like the Gmail system. You can also get a free website that will set out the basic details of your business if you’re so inclined to do so or if you don’t have a website and would like to have a webpage that showcases your business/service offerings to users. You do not have to pay to use this service.

You rank on Google Search.

Some years ago, while I was still searching for a law firm job placement, I worked in business development and Branding. One of my roles included preparing business blueprints and implementing a lot of the details, which included getting clients’ businesses listed on Google My Business. For the first one I did in Lagos, after the Google My Business listing had gone live, I tracked the statistics page and saw that the listing got over 780 views within a month. And this was without the business owners doing anything further about SEO.

Customers find your physical location

Google my Business listings automatically works with your physical location; your business must have a physical location before you can use the Business listing. Thus, Google My Business cannot work for online consultancies and other Virtual-based businesses. Once your company has a Google My Business listing, visitors to the page will also be able to find your physical location since it is also linked to Google Maps. That way, visitors that come to your Google My Business page either on Google Search results or who come upon it in their devices’ Google Map will be able to find the physical location of your business so they can pay you a visit to that location if they’re inclined to do so.

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Helps you Generate Reviews

This is one of the major advantages of getting a Google My Business listing. Visitors to your page and those who’ve come to your business location have the opportunity of going to your business listing page and leaving reviews and star ratings. If you delivered great customer/client service, your visitors can leave you highly positive reviews and five-star ratings; likewise, if your service is poor, they can go to your business listing and leave a bad review. Either way, you’re sure you’re getting feedback from those who’ve come to your business location and interacted with it.

Furthermore, if someone leaves a bad review for your on your Google My Business page, you have the opportunity to respond to such a negative review and maybe try to make amends for your poor service.
These are live and can be seen by everyone coming to your page, so make it worth it.

Better Search Visibility

If you have a business and a company website, linking your company website to your Google My Business page can help your website gain better search visibility.

For example: You own an Accounting Firm at Palmgroove, Lagos. You are the only accounting firm at Palmgroove, and the [next] nearest one is at Anthony. A prospective client may search for “Accounting Firms near me” on their mobile phone while they’re out driving. Location services on the mobile phone can pinpoint that this prospective client is within a two-kilometer radius of your business location. Automatically, Google will serve up both your accounting Firm’s Google My Business page, and the website will surely come up after that and also within the Business listing.
Thus, your Google My Business page can help your business garner more visibility on Search queries for the services you offer within your location of operation.

Displays Useful Information

Registering for Google My Business does not mean that your business page/listing will be blank. Your Google My Business listing will contain very pertinent questions about your business: your address, phone number, website, services description, business bio, work emails, days and hours of work within the week including special hours and holiday periods. Google My Business enables the business owner to add product photos, posts, discounts, images of their physical address, alongside other useful contact information that can help prospective clients/customers find out the pertinent details they want to find out about your business listing.

Google My Business Posts

The listing allows the owner of a business to create posts that revolve around their products and services on their business listing. Once done, this will become visible and can come up in Google search results. It also helps prospective customers/clients understand more about your business. They are the perfect way to introduce new product offerings and discounts and whatever further information about your unique Brand offering to the readers that come upon your Google My Business listing.

Google My Business Insights

Your Google My Business dashboard has a stats page that can deliver great and valuable insights to you which you can check and study on a monthly basis.

They’re analytical information about your business listing, and includes details pertaining to how many people clicked into your business listing within the previous month, how many of them viewed your photos and posts; how many of them called your contact phone number directly from your business listing. These are valuable insights that can help you monitor the volume of traffic your business listing is receiving and look for ways to twerk everything and make it better.

All Together

Google My Business is an important business tool that businesses – particularly SMEs – can utilize to drive their online visibility/growth. With Google My Business, you open up your business to potential clients/customers who may have need of your products and services. It’s a strong business tool that delivers results if utilized properly.

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