What Digital Content Marketing Really entails and how to go about it


Digital marketing simply entails the use of digital (online) methods in order to drive leads to your business, generate needed clicks, and then possibly convert the visitors who came to view your services into paying clients or customers.

Ordinarily, advertising had to do with handing out flyers, buying ad space in newspapers and magazines, buying adverts placements on popular radio shows. The list is positively endless. Now, digitalization has taken over. All these activities which were once carried out physically are now online. And not only are they online: activities carried online has the potential to reach countless thousands of internet users all over the world, unlike a physical flier that can reach only a few persons within a chosen demographic.

Now, we have digital content to help us with gaining new market share.


In the past years and early days of the Internet age, marketers and advertising executives thrived on using large numbers to drive traffic, bring in leads, and convert sales. It was a numbers game. The more people you were able to reach out to, the better and higher your chances of converting. And the more your content online, the higher you rank on search engines. However, that is no longer the case now. People are bombarded with a lot of information on a daily basis. There is an over-saturation of the internet with useful information. It takes extremely shorter times for people to decide on whether to look at what you have to offer before they move on to other things that can occupy their attention.

Stemming from the above, the previous ways of doing things do not matter anymore. It is no longer a numbers game. SEO experts have also learned their bitter lesson that search engines like Google uses a highly sophisticated algorithm to rank sites. In the past, sites were ranked by the sheer number of what they had out there. Nowadays, sites are ranked by the perceived value the working algorithm deems they can provide to incoming search queries. Because of these, digital marketers are affected. Highly. It has changed the game. The old ways of doings are no longer necessary; they are outdated now and are of no application. So, many digital marketers will wonder: how do I drive sales? What do I have to do? How do I generate leads and be able to convert them into paying customers? The answers will be enumerated below. Content – Relevance – Distribution.

Content. Content. Content.

This cannot be overemphasized. In the world of digital marketing, Content is King. Without content, a marketer’s advertising efforts are highly wasted and channeled into the drain. The biggest companies in the world drive sales using superior content for their marketing channels. And in what way can a marketer drive content? By blogging. By keeping and maintaining social media accounts with great content. This leads to the second part of the Content conundrum: Relevance.

It is now established that each person using the Internet will scroll into their phone browsers to search for something which they need. For example: “How to cure acne in Nigeria”. If a digital marketer owns a firm that manufactures and/or distribute acne-removal products, and that marketer has content deemed by Google algorithms to serve the need of solving the searcher’s problem, then that blog post will appear among the top of the search results. That way, there is a high probability that the searcher will click on the article, read through all the steps that showcases how acne can be cured, then possibly click to purchase. That is relevance.

Now, Distribution. As earlier postulated, Content is King. If Content is King, then Distribution via different channels is Queen. It could be shared across various media like LinkedIn, etc.


Mr. A is a business freelance writer. He owns a site where he blogs about business and advertises his services to readers and potential clients. However, he gets no more than 567 visitors per month to the site and no more than 765 clicks on his links within the same month. Now, there is another site: ABC Media, that exclusively blogs about business. Mr. A can easily decide to syndicate his articles to that ABC Media which gets, in the least, at least 17, 000 visitors per month and at least 23, 000 unique clicks within the same month. If he does that – syndicates his content – then he can enjoy the clicks he gets from his own site and also enjoy the massive exposure ABC Media gives to him. That way, he can reach more people, creating room for higher visibility and discoverability, thus leading to sales conversion. Content, Relevance, and Distribution are three twins from the same mother. They stick together and guard each other jealously. Each one should never be overlooked.

Spamming Potential Customers and Clients

Each person that visits the internet is in search of something. It does not matter what it is. The point is that they are searching for something. Chances are, they may stumble upon your web site or blog if the Fates lands them there. or if they subscribe to your mailing list. Or if they are your connections on LinkedIn. Or members of one of your groups on Facebook. The list is endless. The point is that they have managed to enter into the doors of your domain. They came there for a reason. Now, what do they see? Content that spams them every moment of the day? Example of such content: “Hi, good morning. I trust you all slept well. Digital marketing has taken over the globe. Call us now on 0995886—- or email us on name@yourname.com for your consultation. Let us teach you.” This is a message that crops up from a connection on LinkedIn on my feeds every. Single. Day. Yeah, he is trying make sales. Yes. Yeah, he’s trying to drive his own digital marketing consulting firm forward. Yes. But he is spamming. This may sound harsh, but it is the truth. He has shown no reason why I should expend my own money hiring him (someone I have never met before) to do something for me. It does not work that way. He must have shown himself worthy of my time and money, otherwise, no thank you. I do not know if you are any good with what you purport to do. The rule is: Thou shall not spam your contacts.

Type of Content

What types of content will you be thinking of publishing? Articles? Long articles? White papers? Occasional press releases? Videos, webinars and infographics? The list is long and by no means exhaustive. Whichever route chosen will need to be implemented by someone with strong writing skills who can engage the reader. There are no two ways about this. If the articles are going to be informational about a particular topic, then please choose a writer who is well-acquainted with the subject matter and who can deliver well thought out written content to your audience. Patience This cannot be overemphasized. Anyone making the foray into the world of digital marketing must learn how to be patient. Rome was not built in one day. Digital marketing require concerted efforts and a long-term commitment. Some may be lucky and get a massive following which turns into leads; others will have to exercise patience. It is not a matter of running ads online. No. It is a matter of providing consistent value over the long haul. Search engines will remember your efforts, as will customers.


This one is tied to the heading about not spamming your contacts above. It is not enough to rake up a following. You have to create value to those connections by creating content that will be of use to them and add meaning to their lives. That way, they can connect with you and feel as if they know you. That way, you can also generate marvelous leads that can be converted to business. Expertise Everyone is extremely good at something. As a digital marketer, the same approach will apply. You have to show that you are well-versed with a particular subject matter. It could be the law, Internet of Things (IoT), Business-to-Business sales enabling. The point is that it is something, and you have to tailor your marketing efforts towards those particular areas. If you think you can try to serve as a master of none and a servant to all, then you will remain a servant to all and no one will take you and your marketing efforts seriously. That is the truth of the matter.


In spite of the fact that these aforementioned headings point to one thing or the other, they are all still linked to each other. One common thread runs through them easily: Content Marketing. Nothing beats content in today’s swift-moving world. Without content – great, engaging content – a digital marketer has already lost even before they begin. The need for content is so great that even the world’s biggest companies spend countless thousands of their hard cash seeking to hire qualified writers to generate wonderful content for them.


The sphere is digital marketing is populated by people who claim they can effectively market themselves and their firms/products to their desired audience. This is a far cry from the truth. The days of intrusive, spammy marketing is long over. Prospects need solutions that are tailored to their needs. In other words, they need solutions that are informational and relevant. And once done correctly, any 21st century businessman or woman can effectively market themselves in the digital stratosphere and provide great value, while making a good ROI.

Are you thinking of ways to add more value to leads so that you can convert them in the sales funnel into paying customers? Comment below to receive tips.

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