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Article Contributor: Kingsley Ugochukwu Ani Esq.

With the paradigm shift towards everything Digital, companies and consulting Firms are now hurrying to go and open their own websites. By so doing, they hope to give their Firms and companies a “home” on the Internet; they want to be a part of the Digital transformation agenda. They want to obtain new search engine rankings for their industry area and possibly be seen as an industry leader in their chosen areas of specialization and expertise.

The Mistake

It is not all about creating a new website or “moving your business to the Cloud”. Digital transformation entails more than having a fancy website with about ten pages of text and visuals for people to click through when they visit your website. Digital transformation involves exactly what it preaches: a transformation. It involves content management, creating case studies, web development understanding so that the Firm will not get stuck in a rut handling its digital assets, and generally understanding everything there is to understand in the digital divide.

The rise of Digital Transformation Consulting and Consultants

Digital Transformation has taken the guise of more than a fad for sophisticated users; it is now a sphere in and of itself, which has led to an increase in persons taking up digital transformation as part of their service offerings.

For physical brick-and-mortar businesses, utilizing the services of a digital transformation expert or consultant may involve nothing more than devising a digital strategy that can enable the company to be able to operate within the sphere of Digital and compete with their (direct and indirect) competitors within the geographical areas where they operate.

For businesses that are online-based and focus heavily or exclusively on the digital operating model, there is a stronger and broader need to understand digital transformation and employ the services of a digital transformation strategist who can be able devise a comprehensive strategy that will revolve around keeping the company’s digital operations afloat, but also taking it to the top. Taking a business to the top while utilizing a digital transformation framework will ordinarily involve more than merely devising a strategy around a comprehensive Web presence; it will involve taking the leap into the minds and wants of their target audience so that they can easily decipher the needs of their target audience, predict their wants using the necessary data tools, and then acting accordingly to actualize a strategy that will aid such a transformation.

Does every business need a Digital Transformation strategy?

Most digital marketers, digital consultants, and digital transformation strategists will say yes. The reason can be loosely tied to this reasoning: the entire world has moved to the Infomation Superhighway, so it wouldn’t make sense if a company stays within the confines of the Analog, brick-and-mortar world. However, it would be germane for every business to look at their unique operating model and target market, then choose the best digital transformation strategy that will work out best for them, because what will work for an advertising Firm will probably not work for a construction company seeking to cement its digital footprints on the infinitesimal pages of the Internet.

All Together

Plotting a digital transformation strategy for your Firm or Company/Startup is great, but going about it the right way is what will make you either do well at it or fall into the mistake many businesses have made.

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